Aluminum Windows Versus Vinyl Windows Which One Is Better

Aluminum Windows Versus Vinyl Windows Which One Is Better

If you’re thinking to get new windows installed in your house, you will come across many options available. there are virtually unlimited options of finishes, colors, materials, and styles available in the market to help you pick the best look for your house.

You will be making a huge financial investment with new window installation. Prices may differ based on many factors. One of the most important ones is the frame material of the window. These days, the two main options for window materials include aluminum and vinyl. The wooden windows that are generally found in older houses are not as famous as newer windows with better technology and more energy efficiency. Both vinyl and aluminum windows have their advantages and disadvantages. Understanding them can help buy new windows.

The Advantages of Aluminum Windows
These windows are linked with commercial and business structures. They have a characteristic industrial feel and look. So, aluminum windows come with the advantages of commercial windows. They offer reliability and longevity that you will not get with wooden or vinyl windows.

Lifespan: The aluminum windows are created to last for a long time and have a better lifespan than the vinyl windows. They are durable and strong and when cared for properly, they can last for 40 to 50 years.

Better Security: Security tends to be the main concern when purchasing new windows. The aluminum windows are more durable and stronger than vinyl windows and offer structural benefits because of their build strength.

Energy Efficiency Advancement: Technological advancements have brought aluminum a very long way. Double glazed aluminum windows can be energy-efficient like vinyl windows.

More Modern Styling: Aluminum windows come in modern and sleek designs with different colors and finishes for homeowners looking for anything beyond a general window.

Stronger: For those looking for protection against elements or a larger glass, aluminum windows are known to be stronger compared to vinyl windows. They make a better option. To attain the same levels of protection from vinyl windows, their cost goes nearly 25 to 30% higher, making vinyl windows a costlier option.

The Advantages of Vinyl Windows
Although aluminum windows have amazing pros, vinyl windows also offer their own benefits:

Soundproofing: The vinyl windows have a slight edge over the aluminum windows for soundproofing. It does not mean that aluminum windows are bad at soundproofing. However, vinyl is better when it comes to soundproofing, though both of them offer high levels of soundproofing.

Cheaper: Aluminum windows are more secure, stronger, and have a longer life with many customization options. All this comes at a high price. Though they may cost higher upfront, they can be cost-efficient over their lifespan. Though vinyl windows Calgary do not last for such a long time, they come at a lower cost.

Energy-Efficiency: the vinyl windows are well-known for being much more energy-efficient than aluminum windows. However, with the latest innovation, aluminum windows have started matching the energy efficiency of the vinyl windows.

Lesser Maintenance: It is one of the most popular features of vinyl windows. However, that does not mean that the care and maintenance needed by aluminum windows are too much. It is comparable to vinyl windows and doors Calgary. But, extra care is required for aluminum with proper lubrication and condensation of moving components to avoid deterioration and extend the material's life.

Traditional Looks: If you are looking for a window that looks similar to the typical windows on most houses, the vinyl windows are a good option, suggest the window manufacturers Calgary.

Cons of Aluminum Windows
Efficiency: Aluminum windows conduct cold and heat and are a bad insulator. In contrast, vinyl windows are much more energy-efficient.

Costlier: For those looking for long-lasting windows, aluminum windows are a lower cost option for the long-term even if the initial costs are higher.

Non-Traditional Styles: For those looking for window-looking windows, aluminum isn’t an ideal option. The construction and strength of aluminum windows offer more unique and more glass designs. They make an outstanding solution for the new windows. They are nothing but the contemporary up and down windows having various options for tilting and opening. It is not a con unless you are looking for a traditional and basic window.

Cons of Vinyl Windows
Not Friendly Environmentally: Vinyl isn’t a natural and sustainable material. Hence, it cannot be recycled.

Have Simple and Basic Style: Vinyl windows are usually simple windows. If you are looking for the typical windows that look like your neighbors, then go for vinyl.

Not Very Strong: Vinyl windows are not as strong as aluminum windows. Aluminum windows come with stronger frames and can be used with glass.

Final Words
After you have weighed the pros and cons of vinyl windows and aluminum windows, the final selection depends on which one better fits your needs and your house.

Vinyl windows can be the perfect option for you if you have a simple window choice and do not need lots of durabilities, strength style, and security.

If you want more from the new windows and call for the highest level of security, durability, value, and strength to your house, go for aluminum windows.

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