How to Get Good Services from a Local SEO Company for Your Startup

How to Get Good Services from a Local SEO Company for Your Startup

SEO is the need of the hour for many companies. With good SEO practices in place, your digital blueprint will become stronger and more visible. This will lead to an increase in sales and web traffic

Hiring a resource may be difficult for you due to a low budget at the beginning of your startup. At such times, a local company that has quality past work may be your best bet. Read on below to find out what they can do for you. For Best G Suite Service Visit Host Net India.

Keyword Research
A good company will research relevant keywords for your content and provide them to you. In a dedicated Excel sheet, they will provide you with a list of keywords to include. If you have in-house writers, they will inform you to create content along the lines of these keywords. They will also provide you with a list of your web pages and their SERP rankings. With time, they will provide you with more sheets that will show previous SERP positions and new, better, and improved ones. Make sure to have stable internet like Spectrum internet to be able to touch base with them any time. You may need access to them to troubleshoot keyword errors at times.

The site and Content Optimization
When you get services from a local company, they will ask you to optimize your content with useful knowledge. They will provide you with guidelines to write the meta descriptions, the page titles, the headlines, and the meta titles. All of these activities will empower you to improve your business outreach! Ask them upfront regarding this at your very first meeting if you’re not aware of how to do this with the help of the keywords they provide. If they can’t help you with this aspect of SEO then look for other companies.

Presence on Google Maps
Since you’re just starting up, you need to have a presence in Google Place for Business and Google Maps as well. Talk to your SEO service provider and ask them to provide you with a structured format for the information to place here if you’re not sure already. This will also aid in boosting your SEO rankings.

Genuine Reviews
You need reviews and fake reviews will greatly compromise the reputation of your business. Discuss with the SEO company how they can aid you in this regard. They will guide you in developing your social media presence in conjunction with the keywords that they provide to inspire positive customer reviews. When this happens, you will be able to get good reviews! This will lead to more business opportunities.

Quality Social Media Presence
It is pertinent that the company you’re outsourcing your SEO work to is capable of developing your social media profiles. They must provide you guidance regarding keyword and hashtag usage to promote your search engine presence via social media as well. A good presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will enable you to get more sales! It is necessary to include SEO keywords in content over here as well. Furthermore, make sure that this team visits your office after regular intervals so you can sit down and discuss the overall progress of social media and overall SEO activity.

Talk to your SEO team and ask them to use tools such as Google Webmaster Tools or Open Site Explorer. This will empower you and enable you to see the people who are linking to you. Moreover, you can also ask them to check who is linking to your competitors. When you do this, you can ask these people to link up to you to provide you with more business opportunities. You can try and get some presence on their websites as well. Try to sponsor events online and get more visibility.

Optimization for Mobile Apps
If you are developing applications for the Android Play Store or Apple App Store then ask your SEO service-providing company to perform SEO activities for them as well. Include the cost in the overall project budget. The potential of mobile apps is huge and you can gain access to many customers on mobile as well.

Analysis of SEO Progress
Make sure to ask your team to provide you with the analytics from Google frequently. If your traffic is increasing then the team is doing good. The same goes true if you see a reduced bounce rate on your website and an increase in sales.

Make sure that you have access to this SEO team at all times. A reliable internet connection will enable you to connect with them on Skype anytime. For my startup, I remember dialing the Charter customer service phone number for a package upgrade. With higher bandwidth, I used to call the company on HD video calls. As a result, my startup flourished. Such simple steps will help you too! Best of luck!

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