Latest Celebrity Gossip

Latest Celebrity Gossip

Wondering what celebrities have been in the news lately? Get your tea ready, we have the latest gossip for you.

Prince Harry
The latest celebrity gossip has people wondering just what it will take for Prince Harry and his family to make amends. Prince Harry is already back in the United States after traveling to the United Kingdom to attend the funeral of his grandfather, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who passed away on April 9 at the age of 99. Prince Philip’s death came not long after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, sat down in an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey to discuss why they’d given up their royal lifestyles to move to America.

In the bombshell interview, both Meghan and Harry talked about someone inside the royal palace being concerned about the skin color of Meghan’s son before he was born, implying they worried that Archie might be more dark-skinned than they’d prefer. Harry was quick to point out after the interview that it wasn’t either of his grandparents, Queen Elizabeth or Prince Philip. The latest celebrity gossip is that royal watchers took note that he didn’t add Prince Charles’ name to the list of people it hadn’t been, though he wouldn’t name the person directly.

Hopes were that when Harry returned for his grandfather’s funeral, he would reconcile with his brother, Prince William, as well as his father and Queen Elizabeth. The royal family appeared hurt by the accusations in the Oprah interview, and many things Meghan and Harry revealed showed that they’d both been hurt by the actions of other family members, which in large part led to their decision to leave. But reports are, sadly, that nothing was resolved before Harry returned to the United States.

The couple's move to California quickly became one of the top luxury stories of the year. When the couple gave up their duties and protections to leave the royal life behind, celebrity gossip fans watched carefully to see where they’d live in America and what kind of lifestyle they’d lead. Harry and Meghan have settled in Santa Barbara in a secluded area with wealthy, famous neighbors like Oprah Winfrey and Tom Cruise. Their new home is estimated to be worth almost $15 million dollars. It's clearly luxurious enough for royalty!

Jeffrey Epstein
Speaking of luxury properties, celebrity gossip watchers following the Jeffrey Epstein drama have something new to talk about besides whether or not Epstein actually committed suicide and whether or not his alleged sex-trafficking accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, is going to start naming names.

The developer who purchased Epstein's Palm Beach den of iniquity where he allegedly assaulted countless women over many years has demolished it after paying $18.5 million dollars for the property. The funds from the purchase will be distributed to Epstein's victims through a victim's compensation fund program. The developer promised to "wipe it off the map" when he purchased it, and he kept his word. He plans to build a new luxury property to take its place.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato recently found herself in hot water after complaining that the placement of sugar-free options at a frozen yogurt shop contributed to diet culture and could be triggering for people with eating disorders. Lovato claims to have written a letter of apology and made a sizable donation to make amends after being lambasted for using her celebrity status to hurt a small business. The shop in question, the Bigg Chill, is claiming that they haven’t heard from Lovato since her public apology, which they believe was insincere, and they haven’t seen any cash, either. They’ve also made the statement that not only have they not received money from Lovato, they don’t even want it. You go, fro-yo!

Alex Rodriguez
In the latest celebrity gossip around Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, rumors have swirled for a while that he cheated, putting their relationship on the rocks. The couple put out a joint statement in March that they were going through a rough patch but were very much still together.

Well, folks, it's finally, officially over! On April 15, 2021, the couple put out a statement that they were remaining friends but were moving on from the relationship. After a two-year engagement, they would be heading their separate ways.

Rumors that A-Rod cheated on J-Lo have been denied by both of their camps, and no specific reason for the split has been offered to the public, but as many rumors as there have been about his cheating ways it's not difficult to believe that infidelity played a big part in this split. Jennifer Lopez has reportedly said that she needs to be with a man she can trust, which only makes it seem more likely that he cheated.

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